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How your employees handle accidents affects your EMR, TRIR, and insurance and other industry related measurables. Everyone at your works site needs to be on the same page. When an incident occurs, employees don’t have time to think or make mistakes. Your manuals should be concise, applicable, and specific, so that employees are prepared when the time comes.

Absolute Safety Manuals:

  • Customized for your company- Your structure, your processes, your terminology, and cohesive with your ISN.

  • Set supervisors up for success- No one has to wing it, and “I didn’t know” is not an excuse.

  • Reduce communication errors- Legibility and simplicity are a primary focus, removing the guesswork and from handling incidents.

  • High rate of adoption- Training makes sure your supervisors fully understand use with example scenarios, reducing chance of user error.

  • Designed for efficiency- Information is intelligently organized and includes forms and reference points for quick access.



Online Access

Absolute Safety offers online and mobile access for:

  • HS&E Manuals

  • Supervisor Manuals

  • Employee Handbooks

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safety on the go

Our manuals can be delivered through our Online Portal. Our portal is simple to use, and is available online and on any mobile device for quick access in the field.


Companies rely on Absolute Safety

"Planning is prevention."

— Lance Bernuchaux, Owner, Bernuchaux Contractor Inc.


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