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Many general contractors do not fully understand the risks associated with using subcontractors that are not properly assessed and qualified for acceptable HS&E practices. Using contractors that have not been vetted by a strong CMP puts your business at serious risk. With sub-contractors often performing higher risk jobs in work sites, one of the best practices in a General Contractor’s safety and health program is to have a formal contractor management program. Having a third-party contract management partner relieves administrative burden, as well as risk and expenses associated with managing the contractor HS&E ecosystem.


29 CFR 1926.16(a), OSHA states:

"In no case shall the prime contractor be relieved of overall responsibility for compliance with the requirements of this part for all work to be performed under the contract."

Absolute Safety has a commitment to excellence in all safety practices, and offers comprehensive approval of all subcontractor tiers with our CMP. Our program helps to ensure:

Created with Sketch.     That you are hiring the safest available contractors for your jobs

Created with Sketch.     Best practices for management and HS&E are actually being performed

Created with Sketch.     Improved relationships with your clients and subcontractors

Created with Sketch.     Reduction of risk to costs and exposure

Created with Sketch.     You are recognized for strong safety practices, keeping you open to clients with higher safety standards

Created with Sketch.     That you have a comprehensive plan and process for managing your PEAR: People, Environment, Assets, Reputation

Created with Sketch.     That you can gather and manage financial information, licensing, and certifications in one convenient location.


Program Procedure:

Our CSMP uses a 5 step implementation process to ensure your contractors meet acceptable safety standards. The evaluation process provides an exhaustive assessment with a weighted scoring system. Areas of focus include leadership, policy and strategic objectives, responsibilities, documentation standards and more.

Created with Sketch.     Results are delivered through our easy to use online portal.

Created with Sketch.     Subcontractor records are tracked & sent automatically from the online portal.

Created with Sketch.     Documentation is easily accessible at any time.



Contractor Expectation Meeting


Contractor Pre-qualification


Evaluation of Contractor Safety Ecosystem


SMART-Action Plan for Approved Contractors


Contractor Reassessment with Stop Light Banding


Delivery of Contractor Approval Documentation


Companies rely on Absolute Safety

"I have worked with ASC for 1 1/2 years. ASC’s staff, qualified Safety professionals and ability to train and craft personnel are three main reasons why Moore Construction chooses to use ASC. They will go to extremes to make sure that you get what you need to make a project safe and successful."

— Patrick Borden, Safety Director at Moore Construction


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