Safety Personnel worth hiring:

  • Proactive and Professional. 

  • Consistent, responsive, and disciplined. 

  • Quickly available, and covered in case of emergency by a full depth of back ups.

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in the specific field for which they are hired. 

  • Certified, verified, and fully-vetted.

  • Supported by the expertise of an experienced consultant.


Qualified Personnel We Offer:

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Created with Sketch.     HS&E Coordinators

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Created with Sketch.     Safety Administrators

Created with Sketch.     Permit Vision Expert Coaching

Created with Sketch.     Fire Watchers

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Created with Sketch.     Confined Space Rescue Teams

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We take care of our people, so they take care of you. We recognize that having high caliber Safety Professionals is an incredibly valuable resource, and they become even more valuable when they are already familiar with your people and processes. A low turn over rate means you keep seeing the same people who already know your business. That saves time and energy. 

Being able to work with others brings a higher rate of successful and enjoyable project experiences, and attitude plays an important role in successful interactions with other team members. We place a high value on personnel that have shown they can work well with different organizations.

We handle all administrative aspects of hiring and maintaining safety personnel. You can cross HR, payroll, background checking, and emergency coverage off your list. 

Companies rely on Absolute Safety

"Absolute provided my project with two quality safety professionals. I would not have been able to meet the demands of the owner in the field and in the training room without their assistance.”

— Jason Berringer, Skanska Construction- Sr. EHS Manager-Boeing Project


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